‘Pedophile Turned Man of God’…

Sitting from across the hospital dispensary;

Men and women sat patiently and others impatiently awaiting their meds;

There he stood, a memory from the past;

Light yellow boned medium height just older in age…

He was conversing with the elders, pregnant women and youth;

So oblivious to others overlooking with curiosity;

As he prayed for them and re – assured them;

Of healing, blessings and deliverance bestowed by God upon their lives…

She had heard of his transformation, into a ‘Man of God! ‘

Who would’ve thought this once upon time bad character would change extremely?

A notorious ladies’ man who preyed on young girls and women;

Making them victims into touching his elongated manhood…

Yes, she’d been one of those victims;

The one who called into his radio show;

Won a prize and collected it from his personal hands;

Such a fan she remained and was persuaded to meet him thereafter…

It was any girl’s dream to be in his company;

He was the real deal as a radio personality of note;

Seated four people away, he requested for those who needed prayers;

To indicate with a show of hands…

She was lost into the translation of the past;

When he had come through to her mother’s home with his car;

Sweet talked her into tagging along;

Two seconds into the ride, he unzipped his jean – a very real image never forgotten…

Took her hand, helped himself into caressing his manhood and began panting highly;

She panicked, pulled away aggressively in shock and opened the vehicle’s door;

Leaped out and fell onto her side on the rough dusty road;

As he accelerated away from the scene without concern…

Now she observed closely from across the corner;

The so – called ‘Man of God’ fulfilling God’s calling;

She sat and pondered in silence;

Realizing how ironic life turned out to be…

He came into direct eye – contact with her;

But couldn’t re – collect who she was;

He was trying to connect but couldn’t put the dots together;

It was of no surprise, he did exploit plenty after all…

As they conversed, he tried digging into where she came from;

Only to expose that he’d proposed marriage to her cousin;

And was point blank denied the opportunity by the elders and parents;

 Years prior to him having committed this act…

She was elated that she didn’t divulge the incident;

It was not worth it;

He had either forgotten or prayed real earnestly for his victims to forgive him;

And she was content that her cousin didn’t fall into the trap…

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2019

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