Lord mend my brokenness X2….

For I have faced intense rejection;

I have faced persecutions;

From this cruel , cruel and harsh world…

Lord mend my brokenness X2…

For I have faced deeply rooted hatred;

I have faced unwarranted isolation;

From this harsh, harsh and cruel word…

Lord mend my brokenness X2…

For I have been ridiculed beyond measure;

I have faced dissertations of assumptions;

From this cruel, cruel and harsh world…

Lord mend my broken Heart;

Lord mend my broken Soul;

Lord mend my broken Spirit;

Lord mend my broken Mind…

For my Thanksgiving unto You God;

Cannot be articulated by mere words;

Or actions by a mere being from this;

Bosom of the earth we wonder day and night…

Lord You have mended me;

As I stand today before You,

And the glory You encrypted in me;

Has echoed Your Will that has been done…

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2019/2020

Lord My Heart…

Lord my heart echoes tears of joy;

Relieved by Your vindication;

As I witness before my eyes my enemies stumbling;

Thinking through gloating that they’ve achieved victory….

Lord they don’t fear you as they continuously victimize;

Persecute, accuse, blaspheme, curse and ridicule;

How was it that Jesus Christ stomached this for me?

I cannot begin to compare my endurance to His intensive journey…

Every morning you allow me to wake up according to the grace;

You bestowed upon me and the love to see me quench the destiny;

Laid before me even though I have to endure refinement;

Which may sound or seem very impossible…

As I journey with you, my heart is pure and open to you;

Love within me pours out like the waterfall caressing the rocks;

Bringing life to anything lacking resurrection;

Salvation, redemption, forgiveness, gentleness flow in abundance within…

The peace is calm and romantically dancing with my soul;

Body, mind, emotions and the inner tablet of my heart;

God I cannot express or articulate my entire state of being;

Fore I am humbled by the unconditional and infinite love…

© Mamello Keketso Sago – 2019

The Day I Almost…

I woke up tired and worn out;

Life had seemed heavy and rather cold;

It echoed a harsh un – embracing welcome…

I felt not worthy like a filthy rejected object;

Losing my sanity and drifting away mentally;

I couldn’t face the world…

I sat in my four walled room;

Rocked myself in a curved ball shape;

Tears rolling profusely down my face…

I heard his voice instructing me to get dressed;

And get to the mall and to purchase;

My life eliminator – rat poison…

The voice intoxicated my thoughts like a plague;

Deteriorating my being as people were non – existent;

As I made it very swiftly in my mission…

Poison located and in my right hand;

With my mind obsessed I had my fate simplified;

It became role play like a video tape on record repeating the incident…

As I stood by, waiting in the line, my hand began to feel restless;

I felt my eyes being captivated by the slab of chocolate;

I felt my hand being moved gracefully as I reached out for it…

Suicide had me but had been defeated by the mighty hand of God;

He had rescued me from the dark abyss I was grounded in;

The light of Jesus Christ had come as the sweet taste of His love…

The day I almost was no more – had knocked;

This was the day God illustrated that – I was more;

Valuable in His eyes and Kingdom enough to be saved…

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2019

I Am Loved…!

Jesus Christ you have illustrated the deepest love;

Your Father in Heaven displayed when you suffered at human hands;

You as the sin – free begotten Son of God died for our sins;

Yet we still are clothed by the evil’s manipulations and shielded by You…

God I will rise because of my burning desire to be with You;

I will rise because of the hope and faith that keeps me knowing Your love;

That Jesus Christ shall vindicate for me against wicked evil schemers;

Calculated utterances against my name, life and my coming into God’s glory…

God, You set my destiny and ensured its course for me;

I am to walk it with zest as its zeitgeist and milieu are unpredictable;

Let your will be done and I submit entirely as your servant;

Broken and willing, I call Your Name above all names…

I know I am going to endure trials, be persecuted, hated and ridiculed;

But Jesus Christ, You said as a disciple it would be the cost of following You;

God, You know my heart and the depth of my soul and Spirit,

Others may forsake, but not You and I stand steadfast by Your Word and promises…

God, I am loved by You because I rise from the challenges;

You provide, protect, shower grace, love, favour and mercy unto me;

Blessings You multiply every time when I am alone in Your presence;

Resting in abundant peace You are my all and I cannot stop praising You!

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2019

Stolen Innocence…

She had had a jam packed day filled with fulfillment with her friend;

Time to part had announced and clocked itself but they stood;

Not wanting to part ways or to even turn their backs on each other…

Her journey began as she sang along from the busy traffic into a quiet;

Yet long infested velt grass area which seemed like a deep challenge;

Ducking was also required concentration on the going in and going out…

In the not so distant manner, she heard a male voice calling;

She looked around searching for the owner but didn’t see him;

Her heart beat began to palpitate as she became anxious…

Then he appeared slowly, trying to create a calm atmosphere;

But it was not as made out to be because she didn’t understand;

What were his intentions and why in such an area…

He instructed her to pull her panty down and she obeyed;

He then inserted his manhood into the 4 year old girl;

Within the backdrop of the distance, a pastor rebuked him…

He zipped and left his bad seed in her blood;

She was silenced by this ordeal as she found her integrity depleted;

No one but God restored by uprooting the devil’s prideful achievement…

Tears shaped in their drops manifested into anointing for her;

God had renewed her entirely and illustrated that life is deep;

Love it, don’t’ take it casually and respect it…

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2019

Touched By God’s Hand…

Mighty wings shield her, as she is caged in the mental infrastructure;

The mind felt conflicted with its being as she tried to understand herself;

Joy had escaped and engraved her Spirit with a deadly prison of confusion;

No one could understand nor become one with her course…

She woke up, bathed, ate and repeated this cycle;

With meds as part of this deteriorating routine;

It was clear that indeed that she had her ‘Why’s?’ secured;

And directed to God, as she felt so deserted and afflicted…

Her soul pleaded day in and out in encrypted tears;

The devil could not translate the cry as it was only the Holy Trinity’s;

Her inner tablet was caressed by a Mighty Hand – God’s Touch;

She felt the warmth calming her down as she knew how much peace;

Intensive love, mercy, favour and protection she felt clothed her;

All the arrows, missiles, daggers and brutal weaponry used against her;

Had been nullified, paralyzed, destroyed and reduced into nothing by God;

She became fierce in faith and was touched by God’s Hand!

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2019

Resurrect & Restore Me…

God I am entrapped in the snarl of the enemy;

It is deep and I cannot breath nor see anything;

Walking aimlessly and covered by the veil of darkness;

They applauded their wicked schemes and utterances against me…

I noticed how he used individuals to achieve his mandate;

Praying inwardly becomes hard to contain;

My voice becomes authoritative and powerful;

The enemies are shaken as they wonder how I sense or know…

Life seems so normal on the exterior for many;

Yet God is Ministering to his children through the Word;

As I page, I am reminded that ‘Jesus is Lord!’

He has never forsaked me or His children…

A white cloud positions itself as it creates fresh air;

I feel my dry bones resurrect and my being being restored;

The enemy thought he had accomplished his task;

Only to be sent to the intensified fire at the pits of hell…

Now I stand stronger in Jesus Christ;

Peacefully, mercifully, gracefully and lovingly;

I feel your love and slowness in anger towards me;

Lord you are my light, fortress, protector, provision…

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2019

For The Love…

I cannot begin to testify about the love of God! He keeps doing it over and over again! I cannot withhold myself really; but He really does show up and show off! If you just immerse yourself in Him; you will begin to witness His glory, manifestation and power.

I am not going to preach or try to…but if you could take a second to really retrospect on the journey you have walked; and if you are honest enough; you will realize that God has held you till now!

Yes, calamities often challenge and make our lives daunting at times and one can feel totally not worth it! Suicidal and just idling indefinitely! Life can never be easy; it has to be spiced up for you to realize the beauty it has for you!

You have to dig so deep that when you are finally questioning; something becomes apparent as invaluable for you to appreciate! What if everything was easy? We would keep being so complacent in our lives and in all that we do. Nothing would cause that burning hunger and thirst to strive beyond the limitations that keep challenging us the minute we leave our homes into the harsh world that keeps its boxing gloves ready to beat you down at every given time and opportunity!

It’s amazing that some people have decided at their earliest stages in life to walk and commit to God. Some fall and others fall and pick themselves up. But the great thing is that all of us go through similar incidences at different intervals of our lives. It is by God’s grace that we are kept in the path we are destined to walk.

We neither know the time, hour or day…which frankly is worrisome because at times; we are wearing so many hats of the various characters in the Holy Bible. Every single one of our traits exists in the Holy Bible and it is by this we are led to realize that we are worthy in the eyes of God!

We seem to be so judgemental of ourselves as individuals or others at times when we are not the ‘Creator’ of the Heavens and earth! Remember that you will never know what someone else’s shoes are exactly like…the degree in which they burn and the duration it has taken for them to be seeking God’s face! Be an example of ‘Love!’

My Prophetess at ‘The Worship Center’ said something that struck a cord in my Spirit that I keep identifying with because it has been a constant reminder of the love of God! She said that, ‘To serve God, you must have been broken!’ How many of us in the world have been broken, sometimes the brokenness is just ‘too extreme’ that when you are in church and the Praise and Worship is administering; you break down and cry or are teary!

Yes, some people hide their emotions and not realizing that it is during this time and during the preaching/deliverance’s and prophecy that one is being liberated from the deeply rooted pain that we walk with our ‘plastered facades;’ hoping not to be exposed or perceived in a certain way! Guess what; there’s no time to keep track of who’s looking and getting whatever the impression of you!

Dance, kneel, sing, cry, scream and know that God will touch you when He sees that the inner tablet of your heart is ‘willing’ and ‘yearning’ for His intervention. God only comes into your presence when YOU invite Him in!! No one else can do that for you except YOU! So next time you are in the Home of God – express your love! He shall bless you with so much peace and rest!

Keep walking tall and stand up when you fall! Walk that path destined for you to seize! God long carved its straightness, its curves, its deep and sharp routes; so that you become the ultimate best version of being His Chosen Vessel! You cannot run away from it! The sooner you accept the fate; the better you can walk with Him by your side and under His wings!!

Remember, love was the greatest commandment…’Love God with all your body, soul, mind, heart and Spirit!’ and next to that; ‘Love your neighbour as you would love yourself!’ Hard words to follow as Jesus Christ was an undying example to the world; but striving to His example is the best you can do for yourself!

© Mamello Keketso SAGO – 2019

Scorching Love…

His approach was calm;

He began to show symptoms;

She was observing maturely;

As his sugar coated pretext;

Seemed too perfectly pitched…

He was too knowing, too experienced;

He was too wise according to his judgement;

He could tell a fake from realness;

He boasted his insight on characters;

He had been with great teachers…

She would silently reflect on his utterances;

Asking herself deeply if it were that possible;

For one to know everything to that extent;

It seemed too twisted and questionable;

She pondered and remained eloquent…

Irritation began to clothe her mind and Spirit;

There was clearly something wrong with this picture;

It was clear that her inner man sensed ‘un – usualness’;

She searched the ‘so – called deep conversations;’

And the authenticity but it proved to cause shallow reactions…

Why do manipulative minds seek to control others?

Why do they think it’s a wrap when they dictate a conversation?

Why do they feed others with false analogies?

What are they after and why do they afflict others with this toxicness?

What and why is the motive so deep throat and deadly?

The truth, way, life and light is in the ‘Word;’

One cannot escape the Holy Spirit’s comfort, protection and guide;

Truth is truth and lying is an abyssal trap;

Fighting the truth is like a burning web with no end;

Continuous, destructive and disruptive to the soul, Spirit, mind and inner tablet…

She prayed, worshiped and sought truth about him;

Only to be consoled by God Himself that he was spitting poison;

He manifested his deepest desires and they were nothing pure;

He had set the bar of purity, spotlessness, untainted and innocent;

But the tongue professed negative waves of a slithering serpent on a rampage…

God had saved her and shown His glory;

He had separated her from becoming a victim of paralysis;

She had been a potential prey for lucifer’s demise;

Infuriated by her detachment from becoming the next meal;

He tried to inflict a sense of guilt and anger within her, but she overlooked his quest…

God’s Mighty hand, love, protection, mercy, grace and favour;

Had sealed His plans to save her from the series of pits;

Laid before her by the enemy and she had to discern and make a choice;

To accept or rebuke the disaster right before her;

Love clothed her once troubled Spirit – God had done it again…

© Mamello Keketso SAGO – 2019

‘Pedophile Turned Man of God’…

Sitting from across the hospital dispensary;

Men and women sat patiently and others impatiently awaiting their meds;

There he stood, a memory from the past;

Light yellow boned medium height just older in age…

He was conversing with the elders, pregnant women and youth;

So oblivious to others overlooking with curiosity;

As he prayed for them and re – assured them;

Of healing, blessings and deliverance bestowed by God upon their lives…

She had heard of his transformation, into a ‘Man of God! ‘

Who would’ve thought this once upon time bad character would change extremely?

A notorious ladies’ man who preyed on young girls and women;

Making them victims into touching his elongated manhood…

Yes, she’d been one of those victims;

The one who called into his radio show;

Won a prize and collected it from his personal hands;

Such a fan she remained and was persuaded to meet him thereafter…

It was any girl’s dream to be in his company;

He was the real deal as a radio personality of note;

Seated four people away, he requested for those who needed prayers;

To indicate with a show of hands…

She was lost into the translation of the past;

When he had come through to her mother’s home with his car;

Sweet talked her into tagging along;

Two seconds into the ride, he unzipped his jean – a very real image never forgotten…

Took her hand, helped himself into caressing his manhood and began panting highly;

She panicked, pulled away aggressively in shock and opened the vehicle’s door;

Leaped out and fell onto her side on the rough dusty road;

As he accelerated away from the scene without concern…

Now she observed closely from across the corner;

The so – called ‘Man of God’ fulfilling God’s calling;

She sat and pondered in silence;

Realizing how ironic life turned out to be…

He came into direct eye – contact with her;

But couldn’t re – collect who she was;

He was trying to connect but couldn’t put the dots together;

It was of no surprise, he did exploit plenty after all…

As they conversed, he tried digging into where she came from;

Only to expose that he’d proposed marriage to her cousin;

And was point blank denied the opportunity by the elders and parents;

 Years prior to him having committed this act…

She was elated that she didn’t divulge the incident;

It was not worth it;

He had either forgotten or prayed real earnestly for his victims to forgive him;

And she was content that her cousin didn’t fall into the trap…

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2019