Used and Abused…

Used and Abused…© Poem By: Mamello SAGO

She carries her tattered pride on her back
Like a shadow that over powers its image
As she walks in the early morning hours
A quick buck was all she had hoped to secure…

As she marauds endlessly in the streets
Wishing for her wealth to multiply
She is overpowered by her guilty conscious
That causes doubt of the trade…

Known as ‘Miss Used and Abused’
Men flock in multitudes to satisfy their needs
Proclaiming their rights over her temple
That is filled with nothing but deposits of multiple orgasms’
They ejaculate and pride themselves with
Calling it validation of their elongated phallic structures…

With apparent stains on her attire
She evidently accepts her destructive fate
For her reputation surpasses her, they mock her
As they drop her at the same corner
Torn in-between right and wrong…

She realizes herself worth’s diminishing status
Yet she knows no way out
For her confessions to God are nothing but a silent scream
That penetrates the depth of her heart
Causing tears of the shattered heart to transcend…

As she dwells in her mental poverty
She is confronted by the lie she leads
Keeping up appearances cause her to feel ashamed
For what it is, is a pure web of self destruction?

As she surrenders on bended knees
And professes words of virtue
Proclaiming her dignity and pride back with assertion…

In deep thought, she smiles
And awaits a new dawn with a new beginning
Like a snake that has shed its skin
For the script has taken another course…


Pondering… juxtaposition…

Is it not perculiar that as human beings; people tend to afflict others and then have egos that cannot apologize?

Instead the person paints a ‘pretty picture’ that they are perfect and do not make mistakes.

This is rather an observation…a friend committed a mistake or two only for her mother to be referred to as someone who complained about some aspects about her. But not only that… the things said caused my friend to keep quiet. Shocked that her past seemed to be following her through the tongue of someone who she least expected.

In the silent mode, it was apparent that there were many issues at stake. Quietly, she realized where she was in this relationship. She had thought she was understood but indeed in her attempts, she was highly mistaken in her identity.

Sometimes it is best to listen to the person who is off loading about your character. It is not worth it to fight, be confrontational or to reason… just be SILENT…

It is tiresome. History keeps repeating itself when you are trying to move forward. This can be costly to one’s quest and zest for life; as everyday one has to jack themselves up with courage, self-esteem, self-love and strength irrespective of these types of characters they encounter.

It is better to listen, talk less or nothing at all and make your own decision quietly…then MOVE ON!!!

Life’s too short for always being made to feel suffocated by people who always find fault in you; when they do not edify but keep on subtracting when you sacrifice to lend a helping hand in their lives.

People get burnt and lose interest in friendships that can be valuable because of individuals who ‘pretend’

to be so understanding and accommodating.

Let us face it; people are so judgemental. They forget that they have a stake in the state they have contributed in your life. They stand aside and find satisfaction in shielding themselves and making sure you are the ‘bad person!’

From there their guilt eats up within and end up writing posts on social media networks justifying their behaviour and actions.

I really ponder about the damage and scars that they are doing unto others. People who are hurting because of them. The reason why we do not progress in life is because their hearts are crying tears which have turned into blood.

Be careful… judgement day… God will ask about the pain you afflicted unto others. Do not say sorry just to quiet the storms when you do not mean it!!

You are Not a Number!!!

Bewildered by the world’s messages;

Reduced to feeling like a broken branch;

Your roots are still deeply rooted in the ground…

Every breath you take has been encrypted by God;

With many codes that propel you to search and be inquisitive;

Do not permit the world to define you…

You are not a number;

You cannot be eliminated or erased;

Only God hold’s the authority and power!

Find purpose and meaningful things that appeal to you;

God long created the destiny you ought to fulfill;

God’s blessing lie before you to take by force…

Let no man make you fear anything;

God’s plans are to prosper you in all aspects of your life;

It is His promise and Word!!

Remember, You are Not a Number!!!

Ask God’s mighty hand to be upon you;

His wings to let you soar under His guidance!!

His footprints to be yours to embrace through challenges;

His love, mercy, favour and grace to open the toughest doors;

His eternal life to breath the Holy Spirit into you that you may be Spirit led!!

You are NOT a NUMBER!!!

You were created to shine and for His glory to be known;

God has your top and bottom, back, front and sides…

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2018

It Is Said…

It’s said that, ‘Familiarity breeds contempt!!’ Since Tuesday, 4 September 2018 until Friday, 7 September 2018… I have now realized why some people wonder why they are avoided!

Communication is needed not a wanted only. Needs are imperative for the sustainability of any relationship or obligation that needs to be built and maintained!

God permits people to come to your life…some intially with good intentions and others, time unveils the ‘true’ selves within.

We have been deemed as sinners in the eyes of the Lord and are constantly striving towards being better or righteous; at least we think so!!

If we are trying but people keep pretending and claiming things… I guess I am guilty of a certain level of expectations. Situations or circumstances shape you…like they have for me. My principles have been challenged time and again by people who are either confrontational, engrossed with sabotage or they are plain ignorant to where they should be.

It’s painful… you higher you go in your journey with God…the lonely it gets!!! Yes, a harsh reality!! People including yourself could cause or afflict hurt unto others because of lack of communication.

Communication although very broad is simplified into these elements…observe, listen, question, process through reasoning and being empathetic enough to know how to react maturely. People misinterpret certain things because of not paying attention to detail…

When I know what you like and don’t like… I continue to humble myself but not compromising myself to a point of no backbone!! No ways. It’s high time people began to get cultured…

The contempt resonates the lack of respect for someone. Familiarity doesn’t permit you to be too comfortable!!!


Painting by Prince Tom from Botswana’s..inspired by a collaboration with ‘Mmakgosi Live’event hosted by the founder, Mmakgosi Ophadile Anita Tau. This was the second offering of the unconventional artistic expression jam packed vision of sensitizing and raising awareness about mental health issues.

Juxtaposed Thoughts Continued On…’Opportunities In Threatening Situations…’

It has been an eye-opening, transformational and mind blowing experience since I had my slippery accident at a shopping complex that left me with a broken bone in the ankle region. I am a firm supporter of customer/client service and I have now realized that ever since I had experienced a bit of exposure with Consumer Watchdog Botswana.

It has been immensely beneficial because my outlook on certain aspects of life in terms of service. These have shaped me as an individual to remember that being ‘an active member’ in this movement is not for me alone but for those who aren’t aware of certain issues.

As a PR Management professional; I have now more than ever realized that there are so many loop holes that are overlooked by some organizations that can potentially bring harm unto them more than good. Most keep on utilizing the old traditional methods of putting things under the carpet instead of taking accountability and responsibility. A customer/client’s complaint does not constitute as ‘negative’ all the time. Tapping into the minds of your client’s emotions; is an added advantage and organizations who take heed often become more sensitive and aware on so many levels.

I slipped and the public passersby tried to assist; a security guard came to the scene; a gym instructor; a medical rescue personnel and a nearby health clinic came by but didn’t have a stretcher. After my friend had consistently contacted police and other rescue service providers; there was still no advancement. During his attempts; I was even asked by some medical personnel my details over the phone; in that excruciating pain. I thought, how heartless is this? I am in pain and you are busy asking me of too much data when asking limited info can eliminate my irritation and negative experience. After all, experience is what a customer/client remembers and shares to those they meet…a ‘TESTIMONY!’

I mean what happened to just capturing the essentials such as…if I have a medical aid and my ID number to confirm? The intricate parts could have been captured as of when I was being ushered by the medical rescue company or at the disposal of the hospital. It was only when we were struggling to contact a medical rescue organization when a medical rescue practitioner assisted as he was an employee at MRI. His faith in him organization as a brand paid off. MRI came to the scene and rescued the situation in 15minutes. We had been waiting for others for 45minutes waiting for help by others but MRI’s response within 15minutes given the traffic situation which was quiet densed up was impressive!

They were so professional!! I was so aware of everything and they made me feel safe and to entrust them in ensuring that I am stable. They won my trust with the way they handled me as their client! I have been to the doctor for 4 check ups so far and his team is awesome. Yes, it’s a private hospital and one may say that but it’s time for other service providers whether private, parastatal or public to feel the need to emulate what works for them after numerous bench-marking intervals and monitoring the trends within the industry and against their competitors.

As I have forced to ensure that my bills were settled; I have had to resort to cashing at ATM’s only to find that there are no ramps. Therefore; exposing me to more risk. I had to get to my other banks which requires me to go inside the establishment because of the nature of the accounts. I was being driven by my younger brother and to our dismay there was no parking. I had to maneuver with crutches for 15-20minutes…hopping up and down. I entered the bank drenched in sweat and the employees had no oust of emotion to come to me and assist. My younger brother who was driving me around looked around and approached the security guard. My concern is that the security guard is expected to do so much that the employees forget that if there’s a threat of security he/she will be the one to blame!

Nonetheless; he assisted with a smile to a level that to me felt that him being titled a security guard was an understatement. He was an all-rounded employee who captured the essence of what the ‘brand’ was about of the bank more than the employees themselves. I went hopping to the teller queue but luckily there was no queue. I looked the teller dead in the eyes with no smile. He was nervous and suddenly sensitive to my challenge and helped me wholeheartedly.

When I asked him what the name of the security guard was he had no idea and asked his colleague. I then asked where their manager was and the teller became really nervous asking what he could assist me with. I re-assured him that there is nothing wrong with his service. Turned out the manager was at the manager’s meeting…he/she was lucky! Not that I was going to throw the toys out of my cot but I needed to understand what I am in their eyes? Do I matter? I have been an able body and now I am a bit challenged and there was no one except the security guard who served wholeheartedly.

As we made our way out… the slope I had to decline was very steep and risky to attempt. I was forced to go down the steps which also required serious concentration and balancing. I called on the security and asked what measures are in place for clients such as me and physically challenged ones. He explained that indeed there is a procedure that is followed. I asked why I was not afforded this attention and he apologized. I thanked him and said that I would come again to the bank and lodge my concerns as their client.

After my check up at the hospital; I was ushered by my insurance executive for a medical check up at a medical testing centre. Upon our arrival there was no provision for a physically challenged person; no steps to accommodate such occurrences either. Just a huge space from the ground onto the veranda of the entrance. I was waiting outside in the harsh sun; awaiting assistance. When he came back; he said that the person asked that I wait. I then had diarrhea…I mean what could have possibly caused this reaction I do not know. My insurance exec became restless and luckily there was a muscular biker man dropping some deliveries and he approached him for assistance. Without that I would have had an embarrassing experience.

One thing was apparent…infrastructure within the buildings around the city need SERIOUS ATTENTION!! As if that was not enough…at my final destination before returning home; I had to ascend a ramp to get to my other bank. There was a heap of sand and some bricks. The sand particles were to a degree located at the beginning lower part of the ramp. No signage, no demarcation just like at the shopping complex I had slipped at.

In my opinion, any organization that views itself highly; should be in full view of the fact that this doesn’t mean that there is no room for improvement. Often these organizations become too complacent and too comfortable which isn’t ideal in the modern age of being client centric.

Be prepared; monitor; review and adopt! Anything can happen and when it does — LEARN FROM IT!!! A client’s complaint can be your strongest tool against adversity!!

God bless!! Hear the ‘Word!!’ Lives matter and you do too!! Safeguard as much as you can; you owe it to those who support and invest in you!!!

Draped Hostility…

Love is what she had treasured until she entered the unknown territory;

Oblivious to the intentions of those in her landscape;

She had thought they shared the same sentiments…


Within her tablet of her inquisitive heart, she possessed a giving nature;

She helped many and they trampled on her like she was a worthless object;

Only few had succumbed to thanking her for being their enabler…


As time continued to gain momentum and the characters of the people became visual;

She witnessed wolves roaring outwardly thinking they were secretly portraying sheep;

It was a daunting sight to her and her heart as they thought she was blind…


Destructive in their nature they executed their wickedness and uttered evil;

Thriving with coded words, gossip and disturbing laughter;

God opened her Spiritual ears, eyes, heart, mind, soul and body to read in – between their

encrypted tongues and plans…


Self – control was difficult yet a furnace God was grilling her irregardless;

She was often broken at so many intervals, overthinking on her existence;

Thoughts wallowed and danced questioning what was meant about being God’s chosen



She prayed, praised, worshiped, glorified, exemplified and magnified Him;

She had inner faith that was built up so strong and was consumed by it;

Reality and insanity seemed to be inseparable in her life…


God set His mighty hand upon her and His covenant with her was pronounced;

Re – assuring her to remain still whilst He perfected her path, she learned patience;

She acknowledged the journey ahead with Him trusting that her foes would bow down

to His glory…


She pondered on the notion of why they feel so empowered to hate;

To destroy, to steal her peace and joy;

Knowing that God is the creator, Yahweh and destiny carver, she smiled into the sky and

felt an overwhelming love beyond the corners of the earth…


Love echoed in her once troubled self;

God had clothed her with anointing and strength…


© Ms. Mamello Keketso SAGO 2018











See My Health, My Wealth & Beyond

The face of a Motswana woman illustrates a multi – faceted dimension of robust beauty

Her eyes are aesthetically pleasing like an adorned beaming horizon

Her arms show her strength in her willingness to tolerate the brunt of life’s challenges

The belly she is embodied with carries a nation of enhanced fortune and love

Her curves resemble the distinct landscape of Botswana and its deeply encrypted hills with other hidden treasures of wealth…

See My Health, My Wealth In 2016 & Beyond…

The legs she has make bold strides that represent her willpower to survive

Her feet are deeply rooted in the soil as they leave meaningful stories of what molded her today

The generations from the past, current and future remain mesmerized by her character

Her facial expressions, voice, tone, hands and dancing techniques tell it all

One is absorbed into another state of untapped freedom…

          As the Multi-faceted Motswana Man you take leaps into the world genuinely daily

Enduring trials that are physically, mentally and psychologically consuming

Trying to rise above those intense challenges

That emerge in your path…

Hold on and don’t back down

For you are a Son of God

Destined for greatness

Strive beyond those limitations

For you are a solid rock for generations to come…

I salute you for your abilities and skills

Of being a fighting Spirit

In a swamp of drowning inequity

And I as gaze into your deeply grounded self

I now know; you are…

See His Health, His Wealth In 2016 & Beyond…

See My Health, My Wealth In 2016 & Beyond…

Love, live, appreciate and respect it!

For uniting Botswana through beauty knows no limits!

Wake up and know the gratitude you owe it

For tomorrow is unpredictable and abrupt

As I know it’s a scarce commodity that determines the global currency…

See My Land, My Wealth In My World …

Preserve our nature, humanity and resources Batswana

For the days are numbered

It is what it is…

Botswana Our Pride Your Destination

Uniting Botswana Through Beauty – the New Infinity!

                   © Mamello SAGO 2018


Strive Beyond Limitations…

They say united we stand divided we fall;

We should realize the primary reason of survival is to serve and be selfless;

An African proverb says; to finish an elephant; start chewing it from the tail to succeed;

Retrospection of individuals and groups is rewarding…


Failure does not define one but strengthens an individual;

It moulds one into a well rounded character;

Do not underestimate your abilities; strive higher and you shall achieve;

Even though you may be weak, you shall gain strength…


Success is not an overnight achievement but;

An unpredictable journey like life; that God above has engraved for us;

Full of challenges both ups and downs;

That consist of bitter – sweet moments that confront us…


Ongoing commitment, perseverance and patience;

build an encrypted disciplined; ethical; honest; loyal; committed and experienced character;

Our fighting Spirit within us must with stand all these times;

For some situations can appear as though our worlds are falling apart…


We must take a stand and refuse to deteriorate at the hands of mental poverty;

Do not let limitations stop you from progressing;

Stay focused and let’s challenge our inner selves;

And each other for the greater good…


Let tonight mark a new page in our lives;

To celebrate those who achieved greatness and to inspire those in the midst of us to never give up;

But to challenge ourselves to contribute efforts and;

To shine next time round…



Met you in an unexpected manner;

I had no expectations nor intentions;

You were just there as I was;

Just minding my own business…


Frequent interactions defined and confirmed;

Common life traits and experiences;

That caused us to be on similar frequencies;

That no one could comprehend…


As part of me asked silly questions;

I never thought I would reach this indescribable turf;

A cul-de-sac that proved to be an obstruction;

I was digging deeper into the prolific status of my heart…


Being trapped in this place;

Has God accentuating my destiny;

And your name resonates in my heart;

Soul, Spirit, mind and body…


I see your eyes searching in mine;

Trying to read my radar but not not able to detect;

I have been in the comfort zone and confronted it;

But lost the love before; therefore I play it safe…


With you it is somewhat a chess game;

Difficult and with twists and turns with potential;

Riveting moments of honesty and humour;

Caring and genuineness that lights up my world…


The more I draw myself away from you;

The more my Spirit yearns just to see, hug, speak to you;

I keep my inner emotions and hope that my actions illustrate;

Who I am in your world;

Met you…Word…


© Mamello Keketso SAGO – 2018

Unprotected Conscience…

Unprotected Conscience

Her unprotected conscious deadly arrows and spits words out,
Shaped into lullabies of distinct harmony,
Causing one to retrospect intensively,
Through this she realizes that her unprotected conscious,
Had turned into a rebellious catalyst bug…

He had whispered sweet words of nothing,
But what every woman desires to hear,
The life of nothing but filled with,
Love, honesty, trust, laughter,
Commitment, loyalty and respect,
Only to be confronted by deceitfulness…

Now she sat smoking from frustration,
Drinking out of oblivion,
Seeking refuge,
Her unprotected conscious pauses
Day dreaming of lyrical justice…