Used and Abused…

Used and Abused…© Poem By: Mamello SAGO

She carries her tattered pride on her back
Like a shadow that over powers its image
As she walks in the early morning hours
A quick buck was all she had hoped to secure…

As she marauds endlessly in the streets
Wishing for her wealth to multiply
She is overpowered by her guilty conscious
That causes doubt of the trade…

Known as ‘Miss Used and Abused’
Men flock in multitudes to satisfy their needs
Proclaiming their rights over her temple
That is filled with nothing but deposits of multiple orgasms’
They ejaculate and pride themselves with
Calling it validation of their elongated phallic structures…

With apparent stains on her attire
She evidently accepts her destructive fate
For her reputation surpasses her, they mock her
As they drop her at the same corner
Torn in-between right and wrong…

She realizes herself worth’s diminishing status
Yet she knows no way out
For her confessions to God are nothing but a silent scream
That penetrates the depth of her heart
Causing tears of the shattered heart to transcend…

As she dwells in her mental poverty
She is confronted by the lie she leads
Keeping up appearances cause her to feel ashamed
For what it is, is a pure web of self destruction?

As she surrenders on bended knees
And professes words of virtue
Proclaiming her dignity and pride back with assertion…

In deep thought, she smiles
And awaits a new dawn with a new beginning
Like a snake that has shed its skin
For the script has taken another course…

*Poem for the African Child*

– Poem Entered For The Official Bokomo Botswana Competition –

Born of sin,

Born of destiny,

Born of weakness,

Born of strength,

Born of hunger,

Born of thirst,

Born of the world,

Born of God….

Many died for my liberty,

Many died for my progress ,

Many died for my future livelihood,

Many died for my joy,

Many sacrificed for my rising…

Few instilled and prayed for my character,

Few prayed for my redemption,

Few prayed for my salvation,

Few invested their time, insight, knowledge and experience as lessons to grow me,

Few stood steadfast in faith and belief for God to glorify Himself through my life…

God you met me at my darkest hour,

God you molded me from a rejected Chief Corner Stone and anointed me,

God you refined me, shed off layers and garments of filth, shame and self afflicted hate,

God you took my paining heart, healed it and clothed me with inner peace…

I stand on Your Word,

I am worthy,

I am loved,

I am Your African Child,

Born with a fresh zeitgeist,

And zest as Your vessel to other African Children…

#OfficeDynamics: Part 2

So, there I was in a new and different working environment. One of the youngest professionals in a newly created post in an international organization. My landing in this position was quite interesting because of the manner in which I underwent in landing it.It started as an advert from a newspaper, I applied, was short – listed underwent an exam and then then a competency based interview before 5 interviewees.

I was super traumatized and anxious because I had never encountered such. But it was worth the try because unemployment had been a grave idea in my mind as I was successful in the other country I had tried relentlessly.

I received the call and started on the Monday and the prospects were exciting. The position didn’t gel with my degree name but it was relevant still in its own twisted way. There I was sharing with clients the necessary info and services. The headquarter leaders abroad sent delegates to come through in the country. We went to the Commissioner’s house for a dinner.

Our stakeholders were invited and it was then I managed to interact with the stakeholders and I heard their issues and this is why I was able to deduce the problems immediately. I kept quiet as I listened closely. I learnt in volumes their bitter sweet experiences, insights, experiences, perceptions and attitudes.

It was all toxic and the organization was blinded thinking all was well. I was quiet taken aback but it gave me something to deeply think about:- to become a ‘problem solver’. I was asked to be part of the team for an international art related event. I felt out of touch with the whole communication part and asked to be opportune with going to the head of the project to get de – briefed face – to – face.

I was immediately assisted and I traveled to the country at hand. I was brought up to speed with everything and everything now made sense. Upon my return, I discovered that I was appointed as an Events Coordinator for a launching of a professional center without my consent and had 2 days to organize everything. Astonished and feeling a bit overwhelmed I took the challenge head on. I ensured that everything was done to the last detail and ALONE as other colleagues were involved on another event that was also being held on the same day as mine in the morning time.

We were expecting a very high caliber leader in management and leadership. I had ensured all details were covered. Media interviews, booking the venue, transportation and accommodation logistics and other aspects in-between.It was indeed something that flowed in my blood. The event was challenged by some of my colleagues who lacked respect and seriousness when I was asking for their assistance.

I found myself having delegated everything to myself. There was resistance. I decided that it is an adapt or die situation and if this event goes wrong…all the weight shall be blamed on me.I served the stakeholders as my colleagues glared at me as I was all over the show. Even my mother who attended stepped in to give roses to those who attended at the end. The leader who had come to grace the event and also introduce his book looked at me and I will never forget that moment. My heals had given to the pressure of having overworked…With their ripped apart state in the front; and my toes being exposed:- he looked deep into my eyes with a smile, held my hands and said, ‘You are going somewhere and you will be great!’

I was so humbled and humility clothed me. As I walked away and took off my shoes, my colleagues were laughing at me. I left to a private corner and cried my lungs out…yes a breakdown was what I had to shed. As I was there seated in the corner, one of the waitresses who were assisting at the event came to me with the book of the leader and asked that I autograph her book. I asked why me and that she could go to the author, she simply smiled and said, ‘I want and need your signature’.

I thought to myself, this is ironic! My first job concluded with the 2 people in authority assaulting me by forcibly grabbing my bag because it was branded with their logo but with my private contents. It was traumatic as the top head claimed all my work at a restaurant through asking my feedback on why my event was successful than the one they held even though I had suggested certain things not being viable but because I was viewed as young and inexperienced, they ignored my advice.

After the meeting, he copied everyone in the office and headquarters abroad as his ideas. It was shattering and I literally felt cheated. I had a semi – breakdown and he blatantly wrote a recommendation that I am not fit to work and if I was to resume work I would have to undergo a mental test.The ink flows and the heart overflows…

Signing off now, stay tuned for Part 3…

Mamello Keketso SAGO – Copyright August 2020

Title Of Article: ‘OfficeDynamics’

As An Employee;
I have always had this patriotic attitude of giving my all into my profession as a young professional.

Reality hit home hard during my very first internal job whereby an insightful detailed book about the organization.

I had worked day and night to compile for 3 months was literally snatched from me through my innocence when I naively sent it to one of my supervisors to proof. She then printed in colour and handed it to the Director.

Get this part HER NAME WAS HIGHLIGHTED as the COMPILER!! I never forgot that day!! I was crushed and what made it worse was that when I vocalized the real truth about my hard efforts; the Director sided with her and she called me the ‘B**ch’ word and got away with it.

I was so shattered that I didn’t go to work for 3 full days and my lecturer who was in charge of placing us in the companies and so forth for our practicals called me trying to calm me down.

That supervisor had no remorse and continued to show an attitude of pride, power and ego. I was so crushed I felt so violated.

As if that was not enough, my first job followed suit but with a different script…

Stay tuned for more office dynamics…

The ink flows and heart resonates…

Mamello Keketso SAGO:- Copyright – August 2020


Wash my underpants!!!

Caught in the moment of love;
He thought he could transcend it;
He thought his kisses would melt my defense;
He thought his caresses would make me hunger for more…

He thought his eyes could penetrate mine to surrender to his cause;
He thought I would forget myself and become tamed;
He thought us being together meant no boundaries…

He thought I was naïve…
Until he told me to wash his underpants!

© Mamello Keketso Sago – 2019

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Lord mend my brokenness X2….

For I have faced intense rejection;

I have faced persecutions;

From this cruel , cruel and harsh world…

Lord mend my brokenness X2…

For I have faced deeply rooted hatred;

I have faced unwarranted isolation;

From this harsh, harsh and cruel word…

Lord mend my brokenness X2…

For I have been ridiculed beyond measure;

I have faced dissertations of assumptions;

From this cruel, cruel and harsh world…

Lord mend my broken Heart;

Lord mend my broken Soul;

Lord mend my broken Spirit;

Lord mend my broken Mind…

For my Thanksgiving unto You God;

Cannot be articulated by mere words;

Or actions by a mere being from this;

Bosom of the earth we wonder day and night…

Lord You have mended me;

As I stand today before You,

And the glory You encrypted in me;

Has echoed Your Will that has been done…

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2019/2020

Lord My Heart…

Lord my heart echoes tears of joy;

Relieved by Your vindication;

As I witness before my eyes my enemies stumbling;

Thinking through gloating that they’ve achieved victory….

Lord they don’t fear you as they continuously victimize;

Persecute, accuse, blaspheme, curse and ridicule;

How was it that Jesus Christ stomached this for me?

I cannot begin to compare my endurance to His intensive journey…

Every morning you allow me to wake up according to the grace;

You bestowed upon me and the love to see me quench the destiny;

Laid before me even though I have to endure refinement;

Which may sound or seem very impossible…

As I journey with you, my heart is pure and open to you;

Love within me pours out like the waterfall caressing the rocks;

Bringing life to anything lacking resurrection;

Salvation, redemption, forgiveness, gentleness flow in abundance within…

The peace is calm and romantically dancing with my soul;

Body, mind, emotions and the inner tablet of my heart;

God I cannot express or articulate my entire state of being;

Fore I am humbled by the unconditional and infinite love…

© Mamello Keketso Sago – 2019

Threatening Afflictions…

Mamello – the Wordsmith…

She said, ‘You warm up my seats!’

In her angry and insensitive tone;

Not knowing that I was spreading;

My CV’s like a disease…

She harshly asked what I would do;

If she passed on in an irritable tone;

I said, ‘Life continues!’

Silence caressed her mouth shut as she was speechless…

Afflictions she uttered as though;

I was not aware and life should;

My heart sank as she forcefully grabbed;

The newspaper and tore it before my eyes….

My heart wept blood as I felt betrayed;

A threat to an idling mind haunted by depression;

She had added more fire to the furnace;

Indeed a character like Pharaoh

Heartless and claustrophobic she was towards her;

She ignored until her wall crumbled in God’s temple;

She found herself yearning for God’s heart;

Feeling whole from His touch…

© Mamello Keketso Sago – 2019

The Day I Almost…

I woke up tired and worn out;

Life had seemed heavy and rather cold;

It echoed a harsh un – embracing welcome…

I felt not worthy like a filthy rejected object;

Losing my sanity and drifting away mentally;

I couldn’t face the world…

I sat in my four walled room;

Rocked myself in a curved ball shape;

Tears rolling profusely down my face…

I heard his voice instructing me to get dressed;

And get to the mall and to purchase;

My life eliminator – rat poison…

The voice intoxicated my thoughts like a plague;

Deteriorating my being as people were non – existent;

As I made it very swiftly in my mission…

Poison located and in my right hand;

With my mind obsessed I had my fate simplified;

It became role play like a video tape on record repeating the incident…

As I stood by, waiting in the line, my hand began to feel restless;

I felt my eyes being captivated by the slab of chocolate;

I felt my hand being moved gracefully as I reached out for it…

Suicide had me but had been defeated by the mighty hand of God;

He had rescued me from the dark abyss I was grounded in;

The light of Jesus Christ had come as the sweet taste of His love…

The day I almost was no more – had knocked;

This was the day God illustrated that – I was more;

Valuable in His eyes and Kingdom enough to be saved…

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2019

I Am Loved…!

Jesus Christ you have illustrated the deepest love;

Your Father in Heaven displayed when you suffered at human hands;

You as the sin – free begotten Son of God died for our sins;

Yet we still are clothed by the evil’s manipulations and shielded by You…

God I will rise because of my burning desire to be with You;

I will rise because of the hope and faith that keeps me knowing Your love;

That Jesus Christ shall vindicate for me against wicked evil schemers;

Calculated utterances against my name, life and my coming into God’s glory…

God, You set my destiny and ensured its course for me;

I am to walk it with zest as its zeitgeist and milieu are unpredictable;

Let your will be done and I submit entirely as your servant;

Broken and willing, I call Your Name above all names…

I know I am going to endure trials, be persecuted, hated and ridiculed;

But Jesus Christ, You said as a disciple it would be the cost of following You;

God, You know my heart and the depth of my soul and Spirit,

Others may forsake, but not You and I stand steadfast by Your Word and promises…

God, I am loved by You because I rise from the challenges;

You provide, protect, shower grace, love, favour and mercy unto me;

Blessings You multiply every time when I am alone in Your presence;

Resting in abundant peace You are my all and I cannot stop praising You!

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2019

Stolen Innocence…

She had had a jam packed day filled with fulfillment with her friend;

Time to part had announced and clocked itself but they stood;

Not wanting to part ways or to even turn their backs on each other…

Her journey began as she sang along from the busy traffic into a quiet;

Yet long infested velt grass area which seemed like a deep challenge;

Ducking was also required concentration on the going in and going out…

In the not so distant manner, she heard a male voice calling;

She looked around searching for the owner but didn’t see him;

Her heart beat began to palpitate as she became anxious…

Then he appeared slowly, trying to create a calm atmosphere;

But it was not as made out to be because she didn’t understand;

What were his intentions and why in such an area…

He instructed her to pull her panty down and she obeyed;

He then inserted his manhood into the 4 year old girl;

Within the backdrop of the distance, a pastor rebuked him…

He zipped and left his bad seed in her blood;

She was silenced by this ordeal as she found her integrity depleted;

No one but God restored by uprooting the devil’s prideful achievement…

Tears shaped in their drops manifested into anointing for her;

God had renewed her entirely and illustrated that life is deep;

Love it, don’t’ take it casually and respect it…

© Mamello Keketso SAGO 2019